Contemporary Black Wooden House by Bornstein Lyckefors Arkitekter

Contemporary Black Wooden House

Architects: Bornstein Lyckefors Arkitekter
Project: Öjersjö-House- Contemporary Black Wooden House
Location: Öjersjö, Sweden
Architect in Charge: Andreas Lyckefors
Team: Per Bornstein, Johan Olsson, Petr Herman, Caroline Jokiniemi, Viktor Stansvik
Size: 207.0 sqm
Year 2017
Photographer: Bert Leandersson

Located east of Gothenburg, the Öjersjö-house is a modest dwelling overlooking the lake Stora Kåsjön. Designed by Swedish Bornstein Lyckefors Architects Villa Öjersjö is a contemporary black wooden house. The dwelling interweaves with the site in a concept where the program is swept under the ”carpet” by lifting the landscape.

Contemporary Black Wooden House 1

The leading architect behind the project, Andreas Lyckefors, describes the process: -”The main challenge was to fit program and volume into the complex context without compromising lake view and privacy issues for the dwelling and doing so in one draw with the pencil. Our client lived in a house behind the site of the new building. Adding their concerns to the regulations connected to the site created a small widow to place the house on site.

Contemporary Black Wooden House 2

Lyckefors continues: -”We introduced the idea of lifting the landscape and use it as a straight surface to frame the program of the building. That allowed us to create a balance between solitariness and interaction with the surrounding urban texture while it keeping the design together in one gesture. The house is closed towards the street and open to the west and the view. The tilted roof structure also creates a dynamic interior with different heights and levels.

Contemporary Black Wooden House 3

The Öjersö-house is a wooden house with a solid tree interior. The exterior is boarded with black calcimine color. The dark exterior is put in contrast to the solid wood interior. The roof has a smooth gradient, leading from the bottom floor containing the garage, towards the main point. The contours of the surrounding landscape are covered in 3 volumes, in cubic forms. The garage, living room and the remaining house acquire extra space because of the porch roof that ends 2,5 floors up into the highest point of the house.

Contemporary Black Wooden House 4

Contemporary Black Wooden House 5

Contemporary Black Wooden House 6Contemporary Black Wooden House 7

Contemporary Black Wooden House 8

Contemporary Black Wooden House 9

Contemporary Black Wooden House 10

Contemporary Black Wooden House 11

Contemporary Black Wooden House 12

Contemporary Black Wooden House 13

Contemporary Black Wooden House 14

Contemporary Black Wooden House 15

Contemporary Black Wooden House 16


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