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Corporate Park Interiors @ Sec 142, Noida / Artsy Corner

Corporate Park Interiors @ Sec 142, Noida / Artsy Corner

Project: Corporate Park Interiors @ Sec 142
Design: Artsy Corner
Project team: 4 design staff
Location: Noida, India
Photo Credits: Rohit Kalra
Courtesy of Artsy Corner

We have recently designed and executed a fusion of contemporary and industrial theme-based office space @ Sector 142 Noida. An office interior designed with an industrial theme, incorporating vibrant colors and adhering to Vastu principles, can create a unique and energizing workspace. This space is a beautiful amalgamation of industrial elements with a hint of vibrancy and subtle tones of green.

Corporate Park Interiors @ Sec 142, Noida / Artsy Corner

Upon entering the office, you are immediately struck by the industrial aesthetic. The space features an exposed distressed wall finish, raw wooden flooring, and stone and dull gold metal accents with black framed glass partitions. The glass helps to bring in the lightness and professional feel to the space. These architectural elements create a raw and edgy ambiance, reflecting the industrial theme.

Corporate Park Interiors @ Sec 142, Noida / Artsy Corner

The vibrant colors incorporated throughout the office add a touch of liveliness and energy. Bright pops of colors like electric blue, orange, and black are strategically placed against a neutral backdrop to create visual interest and stimulate creativity. These vibrant hues are applied to accent walls, furniture, and decor items, infusing the space with a dynamic and inspiring atmosphere.

Corporate Park Interiors @ Sec 142, Noida / Artsy Corner

As the office is Vastu compliant, the layout and placement of furniture are carefully considered. The workstations are arranged in a way that allows for a smooth flow of energy and promotes productivity. Natural light floods the space through large windows, providing a sense of openness and connection with the outside world. The use of natural materials such as wood and plants further enhances the Vastu compliance, bringing in a sense of harmony and balance.

Corporate Park Interiors @ Sec 142, Noida / Artsy Corner

The meeting rooms are designed to foster collaboration and creativity. Walls are adorned with magnetic boards or writable surfaces, allowing for brainstorming and idea generation. Industrial-style pendant lights hang from above, casting a warm glow over the space during meetings. Comfortable yet stylish furniture, such as sleek leather sofas and ergonomic chairs, create a professional and inviting atmosphere.

meeting room

The Director’s cabin in any office is often the most talked about and highly coveted space. However, this particular cabin holds a special attraction due to its unique design and aesthetic appeal. The wall panelling that has been used to conceal the door is a stroke of genius that not only looks beautiful but also serves a functional purpose.

The combination of red with black and grey is a perfect choice as it exudes a sense of sophistication and elegance. The matching wallpaper with a backlit world clock is a showstopper, drawing the eyes towards it and giving a glimpse of the Director’s taste in design. The cabin’s layout and design create an aura of power and authority, making it the perfect space for key decision-making and business meetings.

The Director’s cabin is a reflection of the company’s values and culture, showcasing their commitment to excellence in all aspects of their operations. It is no wonder that this cabin is the talk of the office and a focal point of admiration for all who visit.

Corporate Park Interiors @ Sec 142, Noida / Artsy Corner

Overall, this office interior successfully combines an industrial theme, vibrant colors, and Vastu compliance. It creates an inspiring and harmonious environment that not only reflects the company’s unique identity but also promotes productivity, creativity, and employee well-being.




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