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Cottage Inspired by a Ship Cabin

Cottage Inspired by a Ship Cabin

Project Name: Cottage Inspired by a Ship Cabin
Architects: Prodesi/Domesi
Author: Klára Vratislavová, lead architect, interior design
Pavel Horák, lead architect
Design team; Jan Švarc
Location: Vranov nad Dyjí, Czech Republic
Built-up Area 43 m2
Usable Floor Area 65 m2
Completed 2021
Photographer: BoysPlayNice

The small cottage, concealed with sunburned larch planks, located in the greenery above the Vranov Dam, provides surprisingly big interior space. Not only owner’s family, but also visitors can enjoy it. It provides plenty of space for evening gatherings as well as for sleeping. There are inconspicuous storage spaces in every corner of the house and everything has its place just like in a cabin of a ship. The interior of the house is interconnected, but at the same time the attic provides plenty of privacy. The interior surrounded by spruce wood offers a cosy refuge, whereas large, glass panes overlook breath-taking water surface.

Cottage Inspired by a Ship Cabin

terrace, Prodesi/Domesi

At the beginning there was a legacy – the investor acquired a small cottage on the bank of the Vranov Dam from his grandfather. He approached Prodesi/Domesi with a specific assignment – he wanted a wood cottage built on the existing foundations which would have everything that today’s modern timber buildings allow for, and which would become a comfortable haven for his family on weekends and holidays. The architects had to deal with the forest land and also with the floor plan of the original cottage they had to stick to while constructing the new timber construction.

dinng area, Prodesi/Domesi

kitchen, Prodesi/Domesi

As the architect Klára Vratislavová says: “The construction of the house went hand in hand with its interior design, so that we could make good use of every inch of space that the original grandfather’s cottage had set for us.” Finally, they were able to fit in such a small place with dimensions 5 x 8,5 m a dining room, living room with a remarkable view of the water level, spacious entrance hall with a bench for changing, bathroom, separate toilet, pantry and utility room. Upstairs they created larger and smaller bedroom and a dressing room. “We took a reverse approach when designing the upstairs. First, we created the necessary spaces for bedrooms and after that we “cut off” the exceeding part of the roof, so that the house would be as small as possible. Our goal was to design a building that humbly integrates into the green slope above the water with mostly modest old cottages,” adds Klára Vratislavová.

bedroom, Prodesi/Domesi

architectural design, Prodesi/Domesi

A cabin on a ship was an important inspiration evoked by nearby water surface, especially when designing the interior – everything in this small room is practically arranged, using up literally every inch of the space. The contrast between the exterior and the interior is also impressive. From the outside, the house is purely functional and modest as for the used material. By contrast, inside it is modern, spacious, and thought-out to the last detail.

staircase, Prodesi/Domesi

construction – solid wood CLT panels
façade cladding – burnt and oiled larch planks
windows – larch frames with insulating triple glazing + chambranles around the windows: larch planks with natural glaze
interior doors – non-rebated, organic spruce planks
interior walls + ceiling – organic spruce planks
floor – 1st floor: concrete walls, 2nd floor: carpet
fitments + kitchen – organic spruce planks / MDF (based on the author design by K. Vratislavová)

Products and Brands
cross-laminated timber technology (CLT) — Novatop\
windows — Janošík Okna Dveře\
dining room Merano armchair, Stelvio table — TON\
kitchen and fitments — tailor-made according to the author design by K. Vratislavová\
bed — Jitona\
design accessories — Jakub Velínský\

wooden furniture, interiors

Cottage Inspired by a Ship Cabin

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