The Crafted House / Bringing Craftsmanship To A Georgian Townhouse

The Crafted House

The Crafted House has been extensively refurbished to create a family home with rich and tactile interiors. De Rosee Sa architects in collaboration with Belgian designer Lionel Jadot have designed this Georgian townhouse. Sensitive to the existing architecture and the listed status of the house, the spatial arrangement and proportions of the rooms have been retained and in some areas carefully reinstated. The intervention is more extreme in the relationship of the house to the ground below it: a basement has been excavated beneath the lower ground floor to make space for an indoor swimming pool.

The Crafted House 1The design of the house passionately advocates craftsmanship, achieve unusual and tactile spaces. The process involved DRS commissioning separate makers and craftsmen for individual components of the Crafted house to create a layered language of materiality. The design was a living process with components visibly touched by the human hand whether it was the brass hand-formed kitchen island, the reclaimed factory floor boards re-milled and laid by hand with traditional tools by a third-generation Belgian installer, or the salvaged oak panelling cut and installed to form a leather-and-oak clad snug.
The Crafted House 2
Securing consent from Westminster Planning Department and the Grosvenor Estate, negotiating party walls awards with three sensitive adjoining owners, and with complex construction and temporary works, the project took just over 3 years to reach completion in 2014.

The Crafted House 3

The Crafted House 4

The Crafted House 5

The Crafted House 6

The Crafted House 7

The Crafted House 8

The Crafted House 9

The Crafted House 10

The Crafted House 11

The Crafted House 12

The Crafted House 13

The Crafted House 14

The Crafted House 14

The Crafted House 15

The Crafted House 16

The Crafted House 16

The Crafted House 18

The Crafted House 19

The Crafted House 17

The Crafted House 20

The Crafted House 21

The Crafted House 22

The Crafted House 25

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