The Crafted House – Bringing Craftsmanship To A Georgian Townhouse

The Crafted House

The Crafted House has undergone extensive refurbishment to transform into a family home with rich and tactile interiors. De Rosee Sa architects, in collaboration with Belgian designer Lionel Jadot, designed this Georgian townhouse in London. The team maintained sensitivity to the existing architecture and the listed status of the house, retaining and, in some areas, carefully reinstating the spatial arrangement and room proportions.

Structural Enhancements

A significant structural change involved the relationship of the house to the ground beneath it. The team excavated a basement below the lower ground floor, creating space for an indoor swimming pool. This intervention enhances the home’s functionality while maintaining its historic character.

Emphasis on Craftsmanship

The design of The Crafted House passionately advocates craftsmanship, achieving unique and tactile spaces. De Rosee Sa and Lionel Jadot commissioned separate makers and craftsmen for individual components, resulting in a layered language of materiality.

Tactile and Unique Spaces

Each component of the house reflects the touch of the human hand. For instance, the brass hand-formed kitchen island and the reclaimed factory floorboards, re-milled and laid by hand with traditional tools by a third-generation Belgian installer, showcase the dedication to craftsmanship. Additionally, salvaged oak paneling, cut and installed to form a leather-and-oak clad snug, further exemplifies this commitment.

Challenges and Completion

The project faced significant challenges, including securing consent from Westminster Planning Department and the Grosvenor Estate, negotiating party wall awards with three sensitive adjoining owners, and managing complex construction and temporary works. Despite these hurdles, the team completed the project in just over three years, reaching its conclusion in 2014.


In summary, The Crafted House is a masterpiece that blends Georgian elegance with modern craftsmanship. The careful restoration and innovative enhancements create a unique family home that honors its historic roots while providing contemporary comfort.

The Crafted House 1

living area

living area, The Crafted House 12

The Crafted House 2

The Crafted House 3


The Crafted House 7

The Crafted House 15



home office

The Crafted House 16


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