De Rosee Sa Architects

Established by directors Max de Rosee and Claire Sa in 2007, De Rosee Sa Architects are an award winning, architectural and interior design practice located in Notting Hill. We have built a reputation for designing imaginative and well-considered schemes spanning the residential, educational, retail and community sectors.

At De Rosee Sa we are drawn to creating projects with character that interact with the senses. We have a strong interest in materiality and craft, approaching each project on an individual basis rather than having a set design style.

We believe that architecture is more successful and sustainable when the client has a strong relationship with their project. Our collaborative approach involves us working closely with clients, developers and investors to meet their brief with creative and effective design solutions.

Each project is developed along with practical and budgetary needs in mind. We understand the importance of identifying where economy and values are best achieved, we work closely with other trusted design consultants to maximise this potential.

De Rosee Sa Architects is made up of a talented team of dedicated and creative architects and designers. We have a considerable amount of experience working with local planning departments, London estates and a thorough understanding of the challenges of working with listed buildings and within conservation areas.

LOCATION: London, United Kingdom

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