Dance of geometry and color in the bathroom

Dance of geometry and color in the bathroom (1)

A dance of geometry and color describes the outstanding interiors of Brani & Desi.  Branimira and Desislava Ivanova, two Bulgarian young designers, succeed to give a new meaning to shape and chromatic, defining an innovative style.

H2O in Geometry is an evocation of sea, an invitation to relaxation and a delight for eyes and mind. The game of lines and shapes, the beautiful mosaic make everything really amazing. Inspired by the work of the Japanese researched Masaru Emoto (who considers that water can memorize all effects of the surroundings, including our thoughts) this bathroom interior brings a Mediterranean breeze in a home. Each area is considered to give a feeling of comfort and freedom.

Dance of geometry and color in the bathroom

Dance of geometry and color in the bathroom

An Oasis in a Sandstorm is another interesting project- a bathroom and a bedroom, separated by a fireplace and a wall of glass. Here color and lines have equal roles in creating the magic. While the bedroom is purple, the color of spirituality and imagination, the bathroom has the golden color of the sand. The dramatic lines and shapes evoke the wind, a sandstorm, while the same lines give the feeling of the blessed breeze of an oasis in the bedroom. The change of meaning is given by the color. The pieces of furniture are neutral and minimalist, still comfortable and elegant, leaving space for the dance of colors, but in the same time they complete the interior becoming a part of it. Let yourselves carried by the magic of shapes and colors!

Dance of geometry and color in the bathroom -  Branimira and Desislava Ivanova

Dance of geometry and color in the bathroom

Dance of geometry and color in the bathroom

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