Driffield House / Suzanne Dance Architect

Driffield House

Driffield House is a mid century house designed by Suzanne Dance in Arthurs Seat, Victoria, Australia. A dynamic home which is not only sending the Modernist/dreamhouse crowd into raptures (and deservedly so) but one which has also awakened many of us to the existence of a trailblazing female architect; Suzanne Dance.

Driffield House

Driffield House 1

Driffield House 2

Driffield House 3

Driffield House 4

Driffield House 5

Driffield House 6

Driffield House 7

Driffield House 8

Driffield House 9

Driffield House 10

Driffield House 11

Driffield House 12

Driffield House 13

Driffield House 14

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