PhotographerKatherine Lu PhotographyDrummoyne House by Vanessa Wegner Architect

Drummoyne House by Vanessa Wegner Architect

Drummoyne House by Vanessa Wegner Architect
The existing frangipani tree screens the first floor master bedroom.

Project: Drummoyne House
Architects: Vanessa Wegner Architect
Location: Sydney, Australia
Photo Credits: Katherine Lu
Courtesy of Vanessa Wegner

Renovation of a federation Bungalow in Drummoyne. We integrated the new living spaces around the existing pool and huge frangipani tree in the backyard.
A lightweight addition was added on the first floor to lean over into the tree and the backyard while creating shelter below.
Recycled brick walls were used to screen neighbours and to contain the outdoor living areas.
A new pool pavilion was added to the rear of the pool just above the existing pool level to extend the living spaces further into the garden.

Contemporary Deck, Sydney
A space was designed between new deck and new fence to existing pool to reduce the height and impact of the fence from the living areas.
Drummoyne House by Vanessa Wegner Architect
New first floor reaching out to franjipani tree.
Drummoyne House by Vanessa Wegner Architect
The existing pool and franjipani trees are important features in the new living areas
Drummoyne House by Vanessa Wegner Architect
The timber lining from new to old wraps into the kitchen.
Drummoyne House by Vanessa Wegner Architect
Timber panelled walls create the link between the old hallway and the new living areas . A slot for light in the floor above is a favourite with the kids!
Renovation of existing federation home
The existing brick wall of the old house is exposed to the new timber lined stair.

Plan 2

Drummoyne House by Vanessa Wegner Architect
Master bedroom with balcony lined in blackbutt timber.
Drummoyne House by Vanessa Wegner Architect
First floor master bedroom, study and hallway.
Contemporary Exterior, Sydney
Black Scyon Matrix cladding highlights and contrasts the new work
Drummoyne House by Vanessa Wegner Architect
The new entertaining deck looks over the existing pool and new raised pool pavilion.
Contemporary Pool, Sydney
Pool pavilion built from recycled brick and blackbutt timber.

plan 2

Drummoyne House by Vanessa Wegner Architect
New steel framed carport signals the new work at the rear of the exisitng house.

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