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Encounter Studios, Toronto / Architecture Riot

Encounter Studios, Toronto / Architecture Riot

Project: Encounter Studios
Interior Design: Architecture Riot
Design Team: Ava Nourbaran, Sally Kassar, in collaboration with Fadi Salib
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Completed 2023
Photo Credits: Riley Snelling

Encounter Studios approached Architecture Riot for the design of their new office headquarters in Toronto’s East York neighbourhood along with a refresh to their existing logo to draw new clients yet remain recognizable for existing clientele. Spear-headed by two brothers who specialize in sound and video production, their new office space was divided into two separate areas to address their programmatic needs.

Encounter Studios, Toronto / Architecture Riot

The refined lobby provides ample space for gatherings, lounging and impromptu meetings. Custom lighting was installed to highlight the company logo upon arrival, while textured walls and custom signage help guide visitors to the two recording studios and shared acoustic room with an integrated vocal booth. Carefully considered angled walls and materials are mixed to produce a visually pleasing environment that also meets the required acoustic performance standards.

Encounter Studios, Toronto / Architecture Riot

A hallway connects the two programs and is lit with linear fixtures that can be adjusted to suit different functions. The digital colour suite was treated with matt black walls and integrated LED screens to ensure accurate colour rendering. Back-of-house spaces, including updated bathrooms and new kitchen, add pops of colour to the otherwise monochromatic and sleek colour palette through the use of high-quality commercial-grade materials.

Encounter Studios, Toronto / Architecture Riot

The video production studio is designed as one large open space with various break-out spaces, featuring white walls, polished concrete floors, and custom ceiling fixtures to maximize flexibility and inspire creativity. The redesigned Encounter Studios has resulted in a visually striking and highly functional workplace that caters to the unique needs of the sound and video production industry. The revamped space is a testament to the careful consideration and attention to detail that has gone into its design, resulting in an environment that fosters creativity and collaboration.

Encounter Studios, Toronto / Architecture Riot

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