Residential ArchitectureApartmentsF Apartment by OM Architecture

F Apartment by OM Architecture

F Apartment by OM Architecture

Interior Design: OM Architecture
Project: F apartment
Location: Kiev, Ukraine
Total area: 80 sq/m
Implementation: 2018

Modern interior with a very fine stylization of the French spirit. Flat area 80m2 is made in light colors and is not overloaded with furniture. The first thing that catches your eye is a large space with a small area. This effect architects managed to achieve thanks to the sliding system Rimadesio, combining day and night zones. Another important method of visual expansion – high glass doors.

F Apartment by OM Architecture 1

The main mood creates a wall with a volume pattern in the bedroom area. Ideally painted in a deep deep color can be seen from anywhere in the apartment. Gypsum moldings are made according to the author’s sketches attached to the modern interior special charm.

F Apartment by OM Architecture 2

Particular attention was paid to the selection of fabrics and trifles. The combination of wood, marble, glass, leather and small details made of metal create a unique atmosphere of the F apartment.

F Apartment by OM Architecture 3

F Apartment by OM Architecture 4

F Apartment by OM Architecture 5

F Apartment by OM Architecture 6

F Apartment by OM Architecture 7

F Apartment by OM Architecture 8

F Apartment by OM Architecture 9

F Apartment by OM Architecture 10

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