GW Apartment in Porto Alegre / Ambidestro Arquitetura

GW Apartment

Designer: Ambidestro Arquitetura
Project: GW apartment
Location: Porto Alegre, Brazil
Photography: André Nery
Text by Ambidestro Arquitetura

The GW apartment is the first home of a young couple that likes art, contemporary architecture and wine. With the premise that the clients receive many friends at home, the project sought to organize the social space within a fragmented old social plan from the nineties. Also, there was the existence of a concrete pillar in the middle of the ancient dinning space.

The architects decided to create a multifunctional dark block which functions range from the apartment entrance, creating a small transition tunnel already on arrival, headgear, cabinet, barbecue and even a wine storage (one of the customer’s passions). The dark block stands out in space and joins with a floating buffet that supports dinner and barbecue area. The controversial pillar in the center of the space becomes a structural component of the dining table.

GW Apartment 1

The contrast of the dark block is given by the gray curtain of mass lining the opposite wall. The union of these two blocks is given by the exposed structure under the dining table. Indirect lightning creates a cozy and elegant atmosphere and industrial spotlights makes the apartment entrance as a illuminated gallery.

GW Apartment 2

In the master suite, the architects tried to use the same concept, of one multifunctional block, thereby creating a smooth and neutral environment.

GW Apartment 3

Finally, working with fine materials, textures and unusual scenarios, in this project, AMBIDESTRO, aspires a simple and elegant architecture, capable of reflecting the lifestyle and preferences of its clients.

GW Apartment 5

GW Apartment 4

GW Apartment 6

GW Apartment 7

GW Apartment 13

GW Apartment 8

GW Apartment 9

GW Apartment 10

GW Apartment 14

GW Apartment 15

GW Apartment 16

GW Apartment 17

GW Apartment 17

GW Apartment 18

GW Apartment 19

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