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Hahei Beach House / Evelyn McNamara Architecture

Hahei Beach House

Architecture: Evelyn McNamara Architecture
Project: Hahei Beach House
Collaborators: Chris Tate Architecture
Location: Hahei Beach, Waikato, New Zealand
Photography: Jono Parker

Hahei Beach House is a private residence designed by Evelyn McNamara Architecture in collaboration with Chris Tate Architecture. This design is a modernist response to a difficult site. The site is incredibly steep and enjoys spectacular views from the top over Hahei Beach and view-shafts lower down the site between existing Pohutukawa trees.

Hahei Beach House 1

The large, protected Pohutukawa tree at the base of the site abutting a reserve became a strong reference point for this design in that the structure of each box is limited to a series of “branches” which support each floor. These “branches” each site on a trunk like column – in the same way the large Pohutukawa supports its entire canopy from one point. The glass frontage to each box is to frame the amazing views and every box is clad in cedar on all sides.

Hahei Beach House 2

Hahei Beach House 3

Hahei Beach House 4

Hahei Beach House 5

Hahei Beach House 6

Hahei Beach House 7

Hahei Beach House 9

Hahei Beach House 10

Hahei Beach House 11

Hahei Beach House 17

Hahei Beach House 18

Hahei Beach House 20

Hahei Beach House 22

Hahei Beach House 24

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