Apartment for a Couple by RUST Architects

Apartment for a Couple by RUST Architects

Project: Apartment for a Couple
Architects: RUST Architects
Location: Tel Aviv, Israel
Size: 75 sqm
Completed: 2020
Photographs: Yoav Peled

A young couple, both professional photographers and designers approached RUST Architects to design a functional, comfortable and bright apartment that will serve as a base and neutral foundation for artworks, photos, designs & accessories that they have collected over the years.

Apartment for a Couple by RUST Architects

The ” Apartment for a Couple “, located in a typical old Tel Aviv building in the city center, is approximately 80sqm. Similar to Bauhaus buildings principles the space has a large span that brings in natural light but maintains comfortable proportions for the space and the hot temperatures of the Tel Aviv summer months.

Apartment for a Couple by RUST Architects

The architectural concept, similar to other RUST Architects’ projects, is to create comfortable living spaces even in small Tel Aviv apartments and to extend specific spaces in the home and combine functions to create maximum space and comfort.
The entrance has a relatively wide foyer, which serves as the main junction of the apartment and thus creates a sense of space. Opposite the entrance is a workroom with a metal framework partition, which lets light pass into the hallway and the internal foyer.

dining room by RUST Architects

The apartment is clearly divided between public and private spaces, making maximum use of corridors created by service cabinets and storage.
The concrete tiles on the floor produce a cool and pleasant feeling, especially during the summer months, and the natural oak in the carpentry creates a relaxed and warm feeling.
The bookshelves make it easy to store and display a variety of work, items and accessories and the use of classic white base highlights the intense colors that characterize the home’s details.
A wide bathroom with large windows and natural light from the west is part of the architects’ concept of creating a sense of comfort and space in small apartments.

kitchen by RUST Architects

In order to maintain the original ceiling height, an exposed electrical system was used in the public spaces. The plan & design was to create a geometric form on the apartment ceiling that leads the electricity to every light fixture and element in the ceiling.
An exposed concrete block wall as a backdrop in the living room creates additional white texture in the already bright space. The apartment has different shades of white that plays between diverse textures and materials.
All carpentry and metal framework details were designed by the architects with customization to the client but also with the original character and architecture of the apartment.

Apartment for a Couple by RUST Architects

Apartment for a Couple by RUST Architects

Apartment for a Couple by RUST Architects

home office by RUST Architects

bathroom by RUST Architects

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