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Harmony of Light Space – Cult of Design

Harmony of Light Space

“Harmony of Light Space” is an interior design project completed in 2016 by Ukrainian studio Cult of Design.

Clear and bright space is a feature of this apartment. Interior is a special freshness. In each premise perfectly combined textiles and furniture. No superfluous elements. Interior apartment is ideal for its owners.

Living room best conveys the atmosphere of freedom, because laconic forms, bright colors and large space create a special harmony. The room is equipped with all necessary furniture: sofas, footstools, tables, shelves, decorative fireplace, original accessories, large windows — all that creates comfort in the home.

Harmony of Light Space 2

Harmony of Light Space 3

Harmony of Light Space 4

Kitchen aesthetically combines textures, materials and art. Cozy kitchen in which harmoniously combined comfort with functionality always in fashion. Present to yourself the opportunity to cook in the kitchen of your dreams.

Harmony of Light Space 5

Harmony of Light Space 6

Harmony of Light Space 7

Concise shapes and pastel colors in the bedroom. Large windows in the bedroom provide additional space.

Harmony of Light Space 8

Harmony of Light Space 9

Harmony of Light Space 11

Children room. A child is a person who seeks to develop yourself individually. Give this opportunity your kid. Children’s room designed for two children. Everything looks original, practical and functional. Look at the doors of cabinet – yes, it’s also drawing board.

Harmony of Light Space 12

Harmony of Light Space 13

Harmony of Light Space 14

Harmony of Light Space 15

Cabinet creates a balanced atmosphere that help advance your business. Look, many shelves for books and documents. The large window provides organic lighting.

Harmony of Light Space 16

Harmony of Light Space 17

Harmony of Light Space 18

Bathroom – relaxation zone, it has enough space for the necessary plumbing and furniture. Unusual lamps, rugs, mirrors and wall painting.

Harmony of Light Space 18

Harmony of Light Space 19

Harmony of Light Space 20

Harmony of Light Space 21

Corridor completes this composition. Pastel colors and a minimum of furniture.

Harmony of Light Space 21

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