Residential ArchitectureHousesHikone House, Japan / Hearth Architects

Hikone House, Japan / Hearth Architects

Hikone House / Hearth Architects

Project: Hikone House
Architects: Hearth Architects
Location: Ōtsu, Shiga, Japan
Area: 183.00 m2
Year: 2018
Photo Credits: Yuta Yamada
Text by Hearth Architects

The size of the Hikone house is two divisions. There are connecting roads in north and south, the house has two different aspects. I made each different aspects for the front and the back.

Hikone House / Hearth Architects

The first aspect is made as the front in south, which has a living room, a dining room and a kitchen, in addition, a private garden. It has reinforced concrete construction walls and a large room which can protect privacy. It is simple structure but a symbolic. The second aspect is made as the back in nouth. There is a Japanese-style room where the client can relax like a cottage separate from the main building.

interior design/ Hearth Architects

And there is a Japanese-style garden. I arranged spaces needed privacy. I thought about the line of flow for housework in spaces. It has a different symbolism from the front.

Hikone House / Hearth Architects

These two appearances are symbolic but fit into the surroundings well. I tried to make the house where the family can deepen family ties, and where the family can be integrated with the external environment by the large roof.

kitchen / Hearth Architects

Hikone House / Hearth Architects

interior design / Hearth Architects

Hikone House / Hearth Architects

Hikone House / Hearth Architects

Hikone House / Hearth Architects

Hikone House / Hearth Architects

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