Residential ArchitectureHousesHouse in Ses Costes, Spain / 05 AM Arquitectura

House in Ses Costes, Spain / 05 AM Arquitectura

House in Ses Costes / 05 AM Arquitectura

Project: House in Ses Costes
Architects: 05 AM Arquitectura
Project Team: Júlia Esteve, Laura Rodrigo, Robert Comas, Ferran Fluvià (architects) /GMK – Miquel Llorens (structure) / Planas-Casadevall (technical architect) / SJ12 Enginyers – Albert Colomer (facilities)
Location: Begur – Residential area, Ses Costes, Spain
Area: 338 m2
Year: 2018
Photo Credits: Filippo Poli
Text by 05 AM Arquitectura

On a well-oriented plot to the south and with an access in the highest level, we had to create a single-family house. According to the strong inclination of the plot, the project embeds all its floors into the natural ground.

House in Ses Costes / 05 AM Arquitectura

We placed the access point on the lower level of the plot, leading to the entrance of the house, the garage and the servant spaces. The first and second levels store respectively, the bedrooms and the living areas, letting the upper floor with a great spot for magnificent views to the seaside. We minimized the impact of the house from the exterior by hiding the two lower floors into the ground, using the stone from the excavation for the cladding of the exterior walls. This way, the main floor stands out as a horizontal cut on the ground, leaving the rest of the intervention integrated with the natural stone of the site.

House in Ses Costes / 05 AM Arquitectura

The main floor façade is entirely glazed, protected by a wide eave all along its perimeter that creates an intermediate space between the interior and exterior of the “House in Ses Costes”. This covered terrace becomes wider when approaching the kitchen area, so that it might be used as an outdoor dining space. The long horizontal edge of the roof spins its direction to adapt itself better to the natural plot topography.

House in Ses Costes / 05 AM Arquitectura

The spaces of the upper floor transmit a sensation of freedom, and the open space permits the vision of the horizon from any corner of the house.

House in Ses Costes / 05 AM Arquitectura

House in Ses Costes / 05 AM Arquitectura

House in Ses Costes / 05 AM Arquitectura

House in Ses Costes / 05 AM Arquitectura

stairs / 05 AM Arquitectura

interiors / 05 AM Arquitectura

bathroom / 05 AM Arquitectura

spiral staircase / 05 AM Arquitectura

outdoor / 05 AM Arquitectura

pool / 05 AM Arquitectura

House in Ses Costes / 05 AM Arquitectura

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