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Knowlton Residence / Thomas Balaban Architect

Knowlton Residence / Thomas Balaban Architect

Project: Knowlton Residence
Architects: Thomas Balaban Architect / T B A
Project Team: Thomas Balaban, Julia Manaças, Jennifer Thorogood, Mikaèle Fol
Contractor: Construction Laplume
Location: Knowlton, Québec, Canada
Area: 3230 ft2 / 300 m2
Year 2018
Photo Credits: Adrien Williams
Text by TBA

Located in Quebec’s Eastern Townships, Knowlton Residence contrasts simple forms with vernacular materials to update an aging country farmhouse. In response to the client’s desire to enlarge and covert the existing country house into their primary residence, the gable roofed structure has been completely renovated with a new two storey extension built upon the foundations of a previous single storey addition. Going up instead of spreading out allowed for more space and better views without the need to excavate across the hilltop.

Knowlton Residence / Thomas Balaban Architect

The box shaped extension plays off the familiar farmhouse typology, creating a series of intriguing contrasts between the thisness and thatness of the composition, both distinguishing and uniting different eras, forms, and materials. A new sleek corrugated metal roof and painted white brick update the existing structure while the new extension is clad in custom cedar boarding, charred and silvered to replicate weathered wood. The detailing remains modern and minimalist. However, both materials speak to the numerous old barns and newer agricultural sheds found throughout the Eastern Townships.

Knowlton Residence / Thomas Balaban Architect

On the lower level, a band of windows cuts across both structures – a void that ties together the contrasting forms. It wraps around the social spaces, giving out onto the majestic views of Brome Lake Valley and Mont Sutton. Upstairs, punched openings frame views of the property’s mature trees. These dark framed openings, a simple material palette, and minimal detailing connect the interior spaces, subtlety highlighted geometric variations and moments where spatial intimacy meets openness.

living room / Thomas Balaban Architect

Knowlton Residence / Thomas Balaban Architect

kitchen, dining room / Thomas Balaban Architect

dining room / Thomas Balaban Architect

Knowlton Residence / Thomas Balaban Architect

bedroom, residential / Thomas Balaban Architect

bathroom / Thomas Balaban Architect

Knowlton Residence / Thomas Balaban Architect

Knowlton Residence / Thomas Balaban Architect

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