House Under a Tree / Elena Kudinova Design

House Under a Tree by Elena Kudinova Design

Architects: Elena Kudinova Design
Project: House Under a Tree
Location: Kharkiv, Ukraine

From the architect: City people rest near water and forests. Obviously, therefore, a perfectly urban man Boris in his desire to provide himself with a quality home relaxation once acquired all the attributes of recreation in nature. Namely – a small artificial pond surrounded by a greenhouse that goes into the garden. The local abundance of natural wood is reminiscent of vacation-holiday cottages. Enormous windows frame picturesque paintings of “courtyard” nature: with the change of seasons, the exposition is renewed. The second floor of this zone, dedicated to the designation of the concept of “rest”. All the components of the hospitable complex are available: billiards, table hockey, bar counter and soft sofas for a warm and friendly dialogue. There is only greenery here, but the tree is fully developed: the ceiling beams are especially impressive. Only a few zones are caught in illumination, which is quite consistent with the alleged intimacy of evening time.

House Under a Tree by Elena Kudinova Design

After decorating a decent modern style, it would be rather strange to clothe the old part of the house with your favorite master classics. I had to look for a compromise – which was a kind of ascetic art deco. The strictest black-and-white connection complements the classic curls of the chandelier and luxurious textures: comfortable leather sofas, corrugated kitchen facades, and also polished stone prepared for the fireplace. He warms up all this with a red-gray floor, lined with glossy tiles. And animated by: green hair of indoor plants, views from home and home, acquired by households, reminiscent of where they meet here and there – in their favorite pictures, family photos and nice little things.

House Under a Tree by Elena Kudinova Design 2

House Under a Tree by Elena Kudinova Design 3

House Under a Tree by Elena Kudinova Design 4

House Under a Tree by Elena Kudinova Design 5

House Under a Tree by Elena Kudinova Design 7

House Under a Tree by Elena Kudinova Design 9

House Under a Tree by Elena Kudinova Design 10

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