A Kitchen on Wheels / Turner Architects

A Kitchen on Wheels 3

” A Kitchen on Wheels ” is a improvement project completed by Turner Architects, a small chartered RIBA architectural practice in South East London.

From the architect: Our client wanted to have a separate living room and kitchen, but also wanted to open up the downstairs space for when the wider family got together.

A Kitchen on Wheels

This small, locally listed cottage didn’t have a lot of space. We designed and built a moveable piece of furniture, which sits in the middle of the ground floor, and can be moved to one side when the family wants to use the open-plan space.

A Kitchen on Wheels 1

It has an oven and fridge on one side. The other sides are a study, bookshelves and cupboards. All Images by www.adamscottimages.com

A Kitchen on Wheels 2

A Kitchen on Wheels 4

A Kitchen on Wheels 5

A Kitchen on Wheels 6

A Kitchen on Wheels 7

A Kitchen on Wheels 8

A Kitchen on Wheels 9

A Kitchen on Wheels 10

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