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Krakow Apartment by Studio

Krakow Apartment by Studio

Project: Krakow Apartment
Location: Krakow, Poland
Year 2020

Studio is fully responsible for the design concept, arrangement, interior project and final supervision of the implementation on this investment.

Krakow Apartment by Studio

The main concept of the Krakow Apartment project was based on the ideal symbiosis of two strong characters – the grayness, or even brutality of concrete and stone, and the warmth and comfort of wood. Despite the two completely different forms of expression of these materials, they correspond to each other in a modern way and meet the highest requirements, such as aesthetics, style, and comfort of everyday life.

Krakow Apartment by Studio

The combination of these two “elements” also comes directly from nature and environment, as long as spaces in our everyday surroundings are filled with concrete, stone or rock, along with wood. In the project we have reproduced the natural environment, where stone is obviously combined with wood. Therefore we use stone (also concrete) fragments of floors, walls and ceiling in the living space or in the bathroom. Right next to them, wood corresponds perfectly, being used for example in the kitchen or in the form of a large, stylish dining table.

kitchen, Studio

Moreover, accessories and elements of arrangement, such as LED lamps, modern poufs and chairs, plants, all of these small parts are responsible for the style.

Krakow Apartment by Studio

dining room, Studio

Krakow Apartment by Studio

bedroom, Studio

home office, Studio

Krakow Apartment by Studio

bathroom, Studio

Krakow Apartment by Studio

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