Land House / Omas:Works

Land House by OmasWorks

Land House is a wooden cottage designed by Omas:Works, an architecture studio founded in 2006 by Brian O’Brian and Carl Muehleisen in New York City.

A year round cottage minutes from Georgian Bay in Meaford, Ontario, this house derives its form and space from the simplicity of a traditional gabled dogtrot, a typology familiar in the southern US, but less so in northern climates. With the sleeping areas to one side of the breezeway, and the living to the other, the 16foot square opening in the centre of the house provides the Owner with an outdoor living room that keeps them intimately engaged in their environment.

Land House by OmasWorks 1

The house sits on the brow of a clearing adjacent to wetlands and a winding ravine. With an interior entirely of plywood and white oak flooring, it is a spare wooden container in the Ontario woods.

Land House by OmasWorks 2

The exterior of the house is horizontal untreated tongue and groove cedar boards left to weather to a silver grey. The roof is corrugated steel. Connecting the house to the landscape, the earth slopes upwards, passing through the breezeway at its centre.

Architects: Omas:Works
Project: Land House
Landscape Designer: Joel Loblaw, Inc.
Structural Engineer: Blackwell
General Contractor: Clancy Builders Ltd.
Location: Meaford, Ontario, Canada
Photography: Studio Shai Gil

Land House by OmasWorks 3

Land House by OmasWorks 4

Land House by OmasWorks 5

Land House by OmasWorks 6

Land House by OmasWorks 7

Land House by OmasWorks 8

Land House by OmasWorks 9

Land House by OmasWorks 10

Land House by OmasWorks 12

Land House by OmasWorks 13


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