Liang Residence in Taiwan / KC Design Studio

Liang Residence

Liang Residence is a private home designed by KC Design Studio. The home is located in Taipei, Taiwan.

From the architect: More than thirty years old house improved the defect of original patterns makes the residents feel new lifestyle. Because population decline and a lot of traveling collection. We try to re- arrangement of space, and design an open and free environment. Besides, the way of displaying their collections is also the other point.

Liang Residence 1

Although the original partitions make the privacy, it obstructs the entry of light and air. According to the base facing west and the L- shaped of plan, we divide the space into two more complete parts and redefine public (open) to private (hidden) characteristics of the space.

Liang Residence 2

The gap of two blocks provides a chance of sunshine and air into house. And three layers creative different and contrast elevation of space. We hope resident can live comfortably here with abundant nature in this concrete city.

Designer: KC Design Studio
Project: Liang Residence
Project Leader: Kuan-huan, Liu Chun-ta, Tsao
Location: Taipei, Taiwan
Photographer: Ivan Chuang

Liang Residence 3

Liang Residence 4

Liang Residence 5

Liang Residence 6

Liang Residence 7

Liang Residence 8

Liang Residence 9

Liang Residence 10

Liang Residence 11

Liang Residence 11

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