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Lipno Lakeside Cabin / Les Archinautes

Lipno Lakeside Cabin / Les Archinautes

Project: Lipno Lakeside Cabin
Architecture: Les Archinautes
Author: Gabriela Králová
Location: Lipno Lake, Czech Republic
Completion year: 2021
Built-up Area: 123 m²
Cost: 260 000 €
Photo Credits: Petr Polák

The building is located in the heart of Bohemian Forest with a view of Lipno lake. The Lipno Lakeside Cabin was built on a place where an old wooden cabin used to be. It is designed to provide the perfect base for nearby mountain sports in all conditions.

Lipno Lakeside Cabin / Les Archinautes

The design follows the urbanism of the buildings in its neighborhood and respects the height conditions in the area. The land is screened by forest from the regional railway line, which passes through the territory to the northeast. A narrower part of the Lipno lake opens to the southeast behind the track, there lies the mouth of the Vltava River.

kitchen / Les Archinautes

The morphology of the Lipno Lakeside Cabin stands on several principles of Bohemian Forest architecture: rectangular floor plan, compact shape, orientation along the contour line, creation of a covered porch, and more pronounced articulation of the gable (overhang). The building is single-story with an attic. The height alignment of the eaves plane with the lintel of the windows and doors on one horizontal line is a contemporary interpretation of the cornice.

dining room, living area / Les Archinautes

The view of Lipno lake, with two major peaks in the background, becomes the main point of the project. The living space of the house is centered around the dominant gabled square window facing toward the lake. The other windows have a direct view of the forest. The forest is present in the interior as a material, smell, and color. One small room, a bathroom, a laundry room, a small sauna, and a room for storing sports and technical equipment are located on the ground floor. The attic hides a bathroom, a pantry and two bedrooms with a circular window in the gable, framing other peaks in the area.

dining room / Les Archinautes

Three sides of the Lipno Lakeside Cabin are lined by a wooden terrace, which, depending on its variable width, creates, together with a significant overhang of the roof, a space for various uses (sitting in the sun and in the shade, a sauna rest room, storage of wood and bicycles).

stairs / Les Archinautes

The building is designed as a wooden structure made of CLT panels visible in the interior. The cladding of the facade consists of vertical larch profiles, the windows are complemented by integrated sliding shutters, and the roof is sheet metal. The building was realised by a family company 3AE which worked in close collaboration with the author. Besides the final quality of the building, they also ensured a high level of detail execution. Shared values, a sense for detail and an appreciation of natural materials make the final result resonate.

CLT panels Novatop – structural spruce panels
siberian larch – facade
oak – flooring
talc – fireplace
spruce SWP panels – kitchen
larch SWP panels – sliding shutters

Products and Brands
CLT panels — Novatop\
SWP panels — Agrop Nova\
wooden windows IV78 — Značková okna\
sheet metal roofing PREFA — Poklem\

Lipno Lakeside Cabin / Les Archinautes

Lipno Lakeside Cabin / Les Archinautes

bathroom / Les Archinautes

Lipno Lakeside Cabin / Les Archinautes

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