Residential ArchitectureHousesMinimal House by MIDE Architetti

Minimal House by MIDE Architetti

Minimal House by MIDE Architetti

Project: Minimal House
Architecture: MIDE Architetti
Builder: Pajaro Costruzioni S.r.l.
Location: Stra, Italy
Area: 450 m2
Year: 2021
Photographs: Alessandra Bello
Text by MIDE Architetti

The Minimal House project involves the construction of a new single-family house developed on one level. The location of the building exploits the full potential of the plot: the house creates privacy and protection for the most intimate environments and opens up towards the large private garden.

Minimal House by MIDE Architetti

The shape of the house is generated by the union between the functional layout of the interiors and their best exposure creating two outdoor areas that are thus shaped with two different purposes: the south area with large windows facing the countryside and a portico and the area facing the north façade that is closed and impermeable towards the road.

Minimal House by MIDE Architetti

In the northeast area, there are facilities such as the garage, laundry room, and a bathroom, while to the west there is the living area, composed of the kitchen and the living room, which extends toward the outside thanks to a covered area.

Minimal House by MIDE Architetti

The bedrooms, bathrooms, and walk-in closet are located in the east part of the building. The generous master bedroom with a dedicated suite bathroom and a walk-in closet get light from the large glass door facing south that allows also a beautiful view towards the garden.

kitchen, dining room, MIDE Architetti

The layout of the minimal house allows the indoor areas to communicate directly with the outdoor ones, expanding the space both physically, through the porch, and visually, through the large glass doors.

living room, MIDE Architetti

Minimal House by MIDE Architetti

bedroom, MIDE Architetti

bathroom, MIDE Architetti

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