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Brick & Gable House / Breathe Architecture

Brick & Gable House, Breathe Architecture

Project: Brick & Gable House
Architects: Breathe Architecture
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Year: 2018
Photographer: Tom Ross

Brick & Gable House is designed for a family of four. We were initially engaged to build a larger house for them, but after spending time living overseas, they returned realising that they could live in a smaller footprint.

Brick & Gable House, Breathe Architecture 1

The project involved the renovation of a heritage listed terrace house. Our clients loved the original character and stories that were attached to the house, so protecting that was important to them.

Brick & Gable House, Breathe Architecture 2

A dilapidated 1980s extension was demolished and replaced to bring in more natural light, better building performance, more amenity, landscaped courtyards, and warm honest internal materials.

Brick & Gable House, Breathe Architecture 3

A new, freestanding brick studio to the rear provided an additional guest room, painting studio, workshop and laundry.

Brick & Gable House, Breathe Architecture 4

The clients love for modernism and warm, indirect lighting was important to them, informing our simple design intent – to build a free standing studio out of brick, a contemporary architectural reflection of the surrounding neighbourhood’s character of brick sheds and garages.

Brick & Gable House, Breathe Architecture 5

Stack bond recycled bricks form the skin of the building, with the entire construction in brickwork (no plasterboard) to reduce materials and streamline construction.

Brick & Gable House, Breathe Architecture 6

Brick & Gable House, Breathe Architecture 7

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