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Montreal Triplex by La Firme

The Triplex Revisited / La Firme

Project: Montreal Triplex
Architects: La Firme
Location: Montreal, Canada
Completed: 2021
Photo Credits: Ulysse Lemerise Bouchard
Text by La Firme

When it comes to things like room divison, brightness and flow, Montreal’s traditional triplexes are rarely tied to conteporary realities. Because of this, their transformation takes particularly complex and meticulous attention when it comes to drawing up plans.

Despite the challenge of its built heritage, this 1000 square foot space was remade in the image of its owner’s lives. It’s become a modern, refined place where children, books and passion for cooking take the spotlight.

The Triplex Revisited / La Firme

The Montreal Triplex Revisited – Contemporary dynamics

What had been a rather cramped environment was opened up and made more dynamic. One large room became two seprate kids bedrooms, a Japanese genkan-style vestibule was created and cherrywood cabinetry was intergrated, tying together the living room, dining room and kitchen.

The Triplex Revisited / La Firme

The granite island in the kitchen serves double duty as counter surface and dining area. In another feat of multivalence, the custom brushed stainless-steel unit includes an impressive counter, sink and backsplash.

The Triplex Revisited / La Firme

In the bathroom, the walk-in shower’s ceramic work is done in an inventive, personalized pattern. The medicine cabinet gives a nod to retro-futurism. Its elegant orange halo frames a piece whose interior, just as orange, contrasts with the room’s surrounding green.

The Triplex Revisited / La Firme

New spatial divisions revitalize the ground floor. Dynamics, again, are the order of the day, with material and colour choices expressing contrast, as well as layouts and accents that harmonize with the project as a whole. Custom touches like the bench and coat rack in the vestibule push the project further into the personal.

The Triplex Revisited / La Firme

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