D'Arcy Jones Architects

Rotunda Apartments / D’Arcy Jones Architects

Masterfully designed by the award-winning architect D'Arcy Jones for refined living, Rotunda is an architecturally significant collection of homes in the heart of James Bay Village.

Ha-Ha House / D’Arcy Jones Architects

This farmhouse is located on a 14-acre farm in British Columbia’s Fraser River valley. It enjoys panoramic views of hazelnut orchards, glacial hills, Mount Baker, and Mount Cheam.

Lampa House by D’Arcy Jones Architects

The Lampa house was sited between mature Garry Oaks at the east and rock outcroppings near the street at the west. Living spaces and a pool are organized in a U-shape, enclosing a lushly planted courtyard.

House in Studen by D’Arcy Jones Architects

This raw and weighty house is located in a small rural village south of Zurich, backing onto a narrow river. The house’s blunt form was designed to shed snow and let in lots of natural light.

Deep Cove House by D’Arcy Jones Architects

The Deep Cove House seems smaller than it really is. A basement under the lower level conceals a gym, a sauna and mechanical spaces.

House With Two Bay Windows / D’Arcy Jones Architecture

This new infill project is tucked between two houses from very different eras. On the left is an original house from the early 1900's, where one of the clients grew up. On the right is a 1980's version of the same kind of house.

Lui House / D’Arcy Jones Architecture

The Lui House enthusiastically embraces this odd and archaic approach to street-making, by taking the best elements of the neighbouring houses and re-assembling them into a muted face that is agreeable enough to not stand out, but atypical enough to suggest a rich inner world.

Okada Marshall House / D’Arcy Jones Architecture

The Okada Marshall House is comprehensive tribute to wood: for its efficient and ambitious engineered wood structure, for its delicate yet robust courtyard screening, and for its hard-wearing traditional board and batten cladding that will last hundreds of years.

Friesen Wong House / D’Arcy Jones Architecture

The Friesen Wong House is situated on a rocky knoll, at the edge of a non-descript cul-de-sac amid the treed and free flowing topography of the Kalamalka Lake Provincial Park.