Humphrey Homes

There is a good reason why no two Humphrey Homes look or feel the same. Put simply, we don’t create homes to any specific style, formula or with any specific materials. As an architectural practice, every Humphrey Home is created from start to finish to be the realisation of our clients vision and dreams. Our homes are designed and built to be absolutely unique and individual.

We are proud to be one of Perth’s most awarded custom builders. Our focus with every home is to aim at ‘award winning quality’. This is simply so everyone involved in creating our homes has a goal in mind. It’s not about doing ‘good’ work or ‘acceptable’ work, it needs to be of an award winning standard. We use this strategy to motivate our trades people and suppliers to give us their best work. Quality is often an attitude as much as having the right skills.
LOCATION: Cottesloe, Western Australia