Pascali Semerdjian Architects

Created in 2010, the Pascali Semerdjian Architects is the result of the partnership of two professionals who, in addition to their passion for architecture, share a common worldview. It is a kinship that precedes the architecture itself, and goes back to the family origins of both professionals.
Because Domingos Pascali and Sarkis Semerdjian were created amidst the craftsmanship of their parents, and, if craftsmanship denotes care, and care denotes to love, it is precisely the love for the craft that best characterizes them. From the first strokes to the end result, be it that of a lamp or that of a building, the project signed by the firm will always count on unrestricted dedication – and with the inspired creative streak – of both of them.
Solid experience is also something the two have in common. A graduate of the Brás Cubas University and with over thirty years of experience, Domingos Pascali has worked at renowned firms in São Paulo. Sarkis Semerdjian graduated from Mackenzie’s FAU and before partnering with Pascali, was also part of the team of important names in Brazilian architecture.
Together they have signed numerous projects in a wide category range: architecture, design, set design, etc. And all projects have in common what gave rise to the partnership: the passion to further excel each time, from beginning to end.