Piso Pereiv Apartment in Barcelona / MIEL Arquitectos

Piso Pereiv Apartment in Barcelona (1)

The Piso Pereiv apartment was reformed with the idea of using it as a tourist apartment for short but vibrant stays. The project was designed and completed in 2016 by Barcelona-based Miel Arquitectos.

Project description: First two double bedrooms, white and calm, have their own built-in wardrobe-desks made partly from the flat’s original doors and unfolding the middle brick wall creating the headboard-desk.

Piso Pereiv Apartment in Barcelona 1

As second course the bathroom fixtures are separate, with a toilet in one space and the shower and the washbasin next to the kitchen, both joined by a burgundy technical floor encasing the wiring and pipes, but at the same time separated by a mirrored wall broken by two cosy doorways with a soft green fluorescent ambient.

Piso Pereiv Apartment in Barcelona 2

And for dessert, the kitchen is center of this apartment wrapped with a bar which provides an inviting place to chat and have something to eat. The large mirrored wall offers many opportunities for playing with the multiple reflections.

Piso Pereiv Apartment in Barcelona 3

The natural light reflects from the mirrors to the white painted brick walls and floods into the kitchen, which seems more like a raised DJ booth than Grandma’s cosy cooking corner. The resultant concave space brings together and multiplies this social temple illuminated by the colored PET Lamps of our inspiring friend Alvaro Catalán de Ocón.

Architects: MIEL Arquitectos
Project: Piso Pereiv apartment
Area: 65sqm
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Photography: Asier Rua

Piso Pereiv Apartment in Barcelona 4

Piso Pereiv Apartment in Barcelona 5

Piso Pereiv Apartment in Barcelona 6

Piso Pereiv Apartment in Barcelona 7

Piso Pereiv Apartment in Barcelona 8

Piso Pereiv Apartment in Barcelona 9

Piso Pereiv Apartment in Barcelona 10

Piso Pereiv Apartment in Barcelona 11

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