Modern Tea Ceremony House – théATRE by Sò Studio

Modern Tea Ceremony House - théATRE by Sò Studio

Project Name: théATRE – Modern Tea Ceremony House
Interior Design: Sò Studio
Location: 404C, 4th Floor, East Block, Wangfu Central, 269 Wangfujing Street, Beijing, China
Gross Built Area: 135 m2
Year 2019
Image Production: MUYI Concept+ Production
Photographer: Yuhao Ding, Elbe
Furniture brand: Cassina; MatzForm; Sancal
Lighting brand: &tradition
Lighting design: AILD
Text and photos provided by Sò Studio

Having a tea in this surreal tea garden will bring you an unforgettable ceremony experience.

“Opening” is the first thing we did for this Modern Tea Ceremony House. We opened the façade and left 1/3 of the space completely connected with the outdoor. We hope that the guests can feel the story of the interior and see our tea gardens and products at first sight. It was our first attempt to use U-shaped glass for the façade. The texture of the glass itself allowed us to see the mottled image of the indoor, which feels like the oil painting.

Modern Tea Ceremony House - théATRE by Sò Studio

The façade opens to expose the white streamers of the indoor tea garden, forming a shared tea garden space that strengthens the dialogue between the inside and the outside. From the outside, the white streamers are integrated into the interior, and the warm light also keeps the entire visual center in the tea garden. When you look into the blurred image, the unreal virtual shadow makes people want to walk in immediately.

Modern Tea Ceremony House - théATRE by Sò Studio

The first thing we see inside our space should be the “orange” white space. Our lighting used a color temperature of 2700k. Some key areas even used a 2200k color temperature light source. The warm amber color creates a sense of intimacy. From the design point of view, the space we hope for is holistic, simple, and advanced; it does not distract people’s attention with colors.

Modern Tea Ceremony House - théATRE by Sò Studio

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Four different white textures make the relationship between spaces stand out naturally. Three kinds of white stones strengthen the space’s calmness and simplicity through different tones and reflections; while the exterior curtain and the white metal streamer form the strongest contrast. We have created a 20% sense of distance and created a 50% sense of intimacy. The explicit relationship makes the surreal genes of the space deeply rooted in people’s heart.

Modern Tea Ceremony House - théATRE by Sò Studio

We clearly remember such a dialogue in the design field, “When you see the studio of Constantin Brancusi, how do you feel? I can’t tell the sculptures scattered around, I want to walk in and see the surface of each sculpture, and I feel like each one quite similar. The light of the skylight gives each sculpture a shadow.” It is the sculpture of Brancusi that inspired our installation. Different geometric sculptures bring some edges and fun to the space.

théATRE by Sò Studio

The bar is connected to the VIP room at the other end of the space. We tried to create a more PURE area in the bar area, which would enhance the independent feeling of the space; the VIP room is on the right side of the bar, the feeling of the entrance also continued the feeling of semi-opening of the façade.

théATRE by Sò Studio

We made a special lighting design in order to create surprises to the guests. The color-changing lighting control allows this “theatre” to change into another scene after 8 o’clock every day.

théATRE by Sò Studio

Modern Tea Ceremony House - théATRE by Sò Studio

Modern Tea Ceremony House - théATRE by Sò Studio

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