Residential ArchitectureHousesProject Dom by Swan Architecture / Minnesota

Project Dom by Swan Architecture / Minnesota

Project Dom

Project Dom is a single-family home recently completed by Swan Architecture in Minnesota, US. Dom means “home” in Slovakian.

The new residence is a celebration of the client’s heritage and love for the majestic Mississippi River. Subtle personal touches throughout the house honor the family’s Eastern European heritage. Traditional vernacular planning was carefully articulated throughout the design, allowing the river and its views to reign over any other feature. It was important to the client that the design honored their ancestry while reflecting their contemporary lifestyle and love for the Mississippi.

Design team: Andrea Peschel Swan, Constance Chen and Tom Lindemeier, Swan Architecture
Location: Minnesota, US
Photography: Scott Amundson / LandMark

Project Dom 1

Project Dom 2

Project Dom 3

Project Dom 4

Project Dom 5

Project Dom 6

Project Dom 7

Project Dom 8

Project Dom 9

Project Dom 10

Project Dom 11

Project Dom 12

Project Dom 12

Project Dom 14

Project Dom 13

Project Dom 18

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