PhotographerArnaud Marthouret - Revelateur StudioRiverdale Dormer House / Post Architecture

Riverdale Dormer House / Post Architecture

Riverdale Dormer House

Located in the Toronto’s east-end community of Riverdale, this residential house, faces a favourite neighbourhood park. Riverdale Dormer House was refurbished by the Toronto-based firm Post Architecture.

Post Architecture was brought in to dramatically open up the house to exterior the views, while collaborating with a team of engineers, builders, and designers to make the century- old house perform to modern standards.

Riverdale Dormer House 2

Accommodating a modern aesthetic is not easy to achieve in old masonry structures without major intervention, but also requires sensitivity when introducing it to the streetscape: modem dormers replaced the traditional gabled ones, and the new metal-clad third floor addition was built respectful of the existing building heights and roof overhangs, to ease the transition. The new dormers are designed with deep overhangs on all sides to further moderate the views in (as well as out) and add privacy especially from the street level.

Architecture: Post Architecture
Project: Riverdale Dormer House
Interior design: Tanya Yeung at Analogue Design Studio
Millwork by John Ozimec at Laneway Studio
Landscaping by Living Space Landscape
Art consulting by Mazar-Fox Art Consulting Inc.
Construction by C4 Construction
Location: Toronto, Canada
Photography: Arnaud Marthouret / Revelateur Studio

Riverdale Dormer House 2

Riverdale Dormer House 3

Riverdale Dormer House 4

Riverdale Dormer House 5

Riverdale Dormer House 8

Riverdale Dormer House 6

Riverdale Dormer House 7

Riverdale Dormer House 9

Riverdale Dormer House 10

Riverdale Dormer House 11

Riverdale Dormer House 12

Riverdale Dormer House 12

Riverdale Dormer House 13

Riverdale Dormer House 14

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