Residential ArchitectureHousesSepi Residence / Frank Harmon Architect

Sepi Residence / Frank Harmon Architect

Sepi Residence / Frank Harmon Architect

Project: Sepi Residence
Architects: Frank Harmon Architect
Project Team: Frank Harmon, Jacob Burke, Suzy Cash, Tika Hicks
Location: Raleigh, North Carolina
Photographer: Keith Isaacs Photo

Description by Frank Harmon Architect: Our client, a civil engineer, wanted a comfortable house for her family on a .7-acre lot located not far from her office. She asked for three bedrooms, a two-car garage, and a swimming pool. More importantly, she wanted a house that expressed her belief that good design can change people’s lives. And she wanted the roof to be flat.

Sepi Residence / Frank Harmon Architect

Her site was a half-acre lot on a hillside that faced east, in a neighborhood in North Raleigh that was changing. For 60 years this neighborhood had sheltered families with modest ranch homes and gardens that were close to schools and shopping. Now developers were tearing down those ranch houses to build McMansions and planners recommended a five-story apartment building nearby.

living room / Frank Harmon Architect

We thought her house should be spacious and sheltered from its evolving neighborhood. We grouped the living spaces around a courtyard and pool. We aligned the living room, dining room, kitchen, and a screened porch to catch the prevailing southwest summer breezes. To shield these private living spaces from the street, we planted three parallel hedges. The hedges provide privacy from the neighborhood yet allow the family to enjoy views of sunrises.

dining room / Frank Harmon Architect

A 24-foot-wide sliding door opens the Sepi residence to the pool, the courtyard, and a distant music pavilion. On summer nights, the sound of music flows through the windows. A zinc-covered roof embraces the northern and southern exposures, helping to insulate the house from its shifting neighborhood.

Sepi Residence / Frank Harmon Architect

pool / Frank Harmon Architect

Sepi Residence / Frank Harmon Architect

Sepi Residence / Frank Harmon Architect

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