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Studio Bluecerigo, Montreal / Alain Carle Architecte

Studio Bluecerigo - Alain Carle Architecte

Architects: Alain Carle Architecte
Project: Studio Bluecerigo
Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Photography: Adrien Williams

Located in Montreal, Quebec, Studio Bluecerigo was completed in 2016 by Alain Carle Architecte.

From the architect: This new photography studio is a place of diffusion and creation as well as a place of life in its own right. For the sake of integrating the daily rituals of child care to the complex schedules of work, a large part of the space is dedicated to the children of the owners and the collaborators.

Studio Bluecerigo - Alain Carle Architecte 1

The original space has been completely restructured to create an open and versatile space. The addition of shutters to the openings allows to modulate the natural light, inherent to the work of the photographer, according to a device both simple and aesthetic.

Studio Bluecerigo - Alain Carle Architecte 2

The space is fragmented by the implantation of “objects-places” which reconfigure the fills and the voids to offer unusual visual breakthroughs with regard to the relatively modest scale of the places.

kitchen - Alain Carle Architecte 3

About Alain Carle Architecte
Alain Carle has worked in the architecture field in Montréal for twenty years. Based on a pedagogical approach he developed as a teacher and researcher in the Master’s program at the School of Architecture of the Université de Montréal, his achievements rely on a critical approach to representation in the design process.

workspace - Alain Carle Architecte 4

kids room - Alain Carle Architecte 5

interior design - Alain Carle Architecte 6

Studio Bluecerigo - Alain Carle Architecte 7

Studio Bluecerigo - Alain Carle Architecte 8

Studio Bluecerigo - Alain Carle Architecte 9

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