The Patterned House / MWAI

The Patterned House, MWAI

Designer: MWAI
Project: The Patterned House
Location: London, United Kingdom
Photographs: Alexander James

Description by designer: MWAI’s design response was to develop a style in interior architectural detailing & FFE bespoke to the property, where modern architectural details – such as shadow gap architraves and recessed skirting – are placed in harmony with traditional features. A final palette of interior finishes is calm, soft, patterned and meticulously executed. The design of the interior lighting and furniture was chosen to compliment the style of the architectural fit-out – with bold accents of colour, metalwork details and form to lift the atmosphere and enhance the hierarchy of spaces within the new open plan layout of the Patterned house.

The Patterned House, MWAI 1

The Patterned House, MWAI 6

The Patterned House, MWAI 2

The Patterned House, MWAI 3

The Patterned House, MWAI 4

The Patterned House, MWAI 5

The Patterned House, MWAI 7

The Patterned House, MWAI 8

The Patterned House

The Patterned House, MWAI 9

The Patterned House, MWAI 10

The Patterned House 1

The Patterned House, MWAI 11

The Patterned House, MWAI 12

The Patterned House, MWAI 13

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