This House Extension in Buenos Aires Got a Contemporary Design Makeover

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 House Extension in Buenos Aires

Architects: CCPM Arquitectos
Project: PH Lavalleja / House Extension in Buenos Aires
Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Area: 89.0 m2
Project Year 2017
Photography: Javier Agustín Rojas

The office CCPM Arquitectos founded in Buenos Aires by Constanza Chiozza and Pedro Magnasco has delivered its first project, PH Lavalleja. PH is the name given to a traditional housing typology in Buenos Aires, characterised by its high density and low rise. Set in the last unit of a long plot, PH Lavalleja coexists with the neighbouring free plan, high rise residential buildings that surround it.

 House Extension in Buenos Aires 1

The views from them frame the scenario in which architecture emerges, opening possibilities for public space in the interior of the block. The update consists in disassembling the existing roofs and replacing them with a continuous envelope that links the different public spaces and mediates between interior and exterior.

 House Extension in Buenos Aires 2

The rhythm of the existing infrastructure and the perimetral constraints are worked geometrically to generate the continuity of the envelope. A system of wooden surfaces and furniture is replicated throughout the interior, generating different situations by shifting materialities.

 House Extension in Buenos Aires 3

 House Extension in Buenos Aires 4

 House Extension in Buenos Aires 5

 House Extension in Buenos Aires 6

 House Extension in Buenos Aires 7

 House Extension in Buenos Aires 8

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