Tiny House Done: A Nature-Friendly and Cozy House by DDAANN Studio

Tiny House Done: A Nature-Friendly and Cozy House by DDAANN Studio

Project: Tiny House Done
Architects: DDAANN Studio
Location: Czech Republic
Area: 12 sqm
Year: 2019

Our smallest project ever is finally DONE, @tinyhousedone. A tiny, modest, nature-friendly and cozy house, that you can built by your own. It was a long journey, since we met with Lukas @otevrel0 and together developed the idea of a product called tiny house DONE. In collaboration with Petr Porta and all the guys from @devotofurniture we made our dream come true. And if you want, you can have yours too.

Tiny House Done: A Nature-Friendly and Cozy House by DDAANN Studio

The Done project gives you the unique opportunity to be involved in the construction process, and the smart solution used to make the individual pieces makes it easier for you to place the entire structure in the landscape and assemble the house on site without having to build a concrete foundation. Our experts will be happy to tell you whether it is possible to place the structure at the location of your dreams. Simply specify the GPS location or the land plot registration number in your inquiry, and we will give you preliminary information about what needs to be done before the construction.

bedroom, kitchen, by DDAANN Studio

Resistant and light-weight
​The stilt foundation makes it easier to use the house in specific locations where structures normally cannot be placed. It improves the distribution of the weight of the entire house, and the stilts protect the structure from water. Massive CLT profiles guarantee sufficient insulation, durability, precise assembly, and anchoring.

interior design by DDAANN Studio

Perfect view
​The large tempered glass windows guarantee the perfect view and give you a sense of being outside and inside at the same time. In addition, you get to enjoy an outdoor patio. What could give you more comfort than an endless yard? Certain locations do not require a building permit which gives you the opportunity to experience views that are available only to the select few. Tucked away in the window frames are curtain poles and shy residents can have their own privacy whenever they need it. The glass has a light mirroring effect, and all you can see from the outside are indistinct shapes.

cabin architecture by DDAANN Studio

All-season affair
​Insulation provided by the massive CLT panels, wooden walls, a large-capacity heating stove and special tempered and heat-absorbing glass windows, as well as the high-capacity roof – all this makes a Done the ultimate practical solution. No need to compromise on comfort when you decide to head over to your little house. You will be able to heat it up or air it out within minutes.

Tiny House Done: A Nature-Friendly and Cozy House by DDAANN Studio

All in one
​A bedroom with a kitchen, shower and toilet, a utility room and patio within 12 sqm.

Tiny House Done: A Nature-Friendly and Cozy House by DDAANN Studio

Build it yourself
​Precise technical details and joining of parts, foundations built by experienced technicians who will be happy to help you get started with top-notch preparation and assembly of complex elements such as windows and technology.

Tiny House Done: A Nature-Friendly and Cozy House by DDAANN Studio

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