Trustly Offices in Stockholm / pS Arkitektur

Trustly Offices in Stockholm

Trustly Offices was designed by pS Arkitektur in Stockholm, Sweden.  The sober interior has playful touches meant to stimulate innovation and encourage collaboration.

Trustly is a young and fast growing Fin Tech company. Having outgrown their space, the move in 2015 was an opportunity to employ more people and develop the sense of community and friendliness that had become a signature and an essential part of the company´s success.

Trustly Offices 1

The new head office in Stockholm manifests an enthusiasm for innovation, stimulates creativity and serves as a meeting spot for partners and clients. Its elegant and social atmosphere facilitates both physical and digital meetings and is attractive for recruiting. It is a place to feel comfortable in as well as encouraging for ideas to grow and take shape. The high professionalism integrates smoothly with relaxed breakfasts and after work gatherings by the copper clad bar.

Trustly Offices in Stockholm 2

The interior design is sober with playful elements. The basic palette is subtle; grey, black and copper. Dark steel rods make up bespoke pieces and furniture and is combined with plants, wood, glass and leather. Polished surfaces stand against raw ones and add a tactile character.

Trustly Offices 3

In contrast, the meeting rooms, part of the workspace and the terraces stand out as colourful oasis’. The heart of the company, the work space for the soft wear developers, sports sit/stand desks as is completed by a fully equipped game room with consoles and robot shoes, beany bags and soft astro turf. Via Office Snapshots

Architect: pS Arkitektur
Project: Trustly Offices
Team: Peter Sahlin, Lina Mezquida Forsnacke, Pelle Beckman, Oliver Söderlund
Lighting Designer: Beata Denton
Locationa: Stockholm, Sweden
Area: 14,531 sqft
Photography: Jason Strong

Trustly Offices 4

Trustly Offices 5

Trustly Offices

Trustly Offices in Stockholm

Trustly Offices 8

Trustly Offices in Stockholm

Trustly Offices in Stockholm

Trustly Offices 9

Trustly Offices 10

Trustly Offices in Stockholm

Trustly Offices 11


Trustly Offices 13

Trustly Offices in Stockholm

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