Office DesignInforma Workspace by Ben Adams Architects

Informa Workspace by Ben Adams Architects

Informa Workspace by Ben Adams Architects

Project: Informa Workspace
Architecture: Ben Adams Architects
Location: Southwark, London, United Kingdom
Area: 20,720 sqf
Text and photos: Courtesy of Ben Adams Architects

A responsive approach to interior corporate identity gives flexibility to a global player.

Informa is a multinational events and publications company with offices in 43 countries. Whilst the company employs some loose fit branding principles to create a corporate coherence, each individual office responds to its location to create a sense of place and individuality for its international teams.

Informa Workspace by Ben Adams Architects

Having already designed the Informa New York City base, we were familiar with the group’s organizing principles and a hot desk/locker culture which provides maximum flexibility of resources. We worked closely with staff there to understand their individual requirements and help them manage large scale organizational change. Interiors were inspired by nearby cultural landmarks such as the High Line and New York Public Library.

Informa Workspace by Ben Adams Architects

The challenge in London was to create a new Informa workspace, on a single floor, with a doughnut plan within the Bankside Blue Fin building. We undertook extensive analysis of individual departments to inform our internal layouts, grouping teams accordingly to avoid a boisterous sales team, for example, being located beside a quiet market analysis team. Our analysis also meant we were able to balance high desk density in some areas with additional, high-quality informal spaces elsewhere, and cater for the tech needs of those needing up to four screens per person in order to simultaneously access live data.

Informa Workspace by Ben Adams Architects

Private and public areas, high desk and lounge seating, break out spaces, and bookable meeting rooms are provided, along with individual phone booths with great acoustics for private conversations. A relaxed café space and library for quiet working are located close to views of mature trees to connect with the natural world and increase staff wellbeing.

Informa Workspace by Ben Adams Architects

Interiors of Informa workspace are inspired by the building’s proximity to the Tate Modern, with bold and colourful references to Bridget Riley and Andy Warhol used to give distinct character to spaces and help orientate staff within a circular floor plan.

Traditionally high-status corner offices and rooms with great views have been given over to more general staff use rather than allocated to individuals, reflecting Informa’s inclusive culture.

Informa Workspace by Ben Adams Architects

Informa Workspace by Ben Adams Architects

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