Residential ArchitectureHousesTunquen Wooden Retreat by DX Arquitectos / Chile

Tunquen Wooden Retreat by DX Arquitectos / Chile

Tunquen Wooden Retreat

Cabaña Tunquen is a wooden retreat designed by the Chilean studio DX Arquitectos

A weekend house located at a short distance from both Santiago and the Viña del Mar–Valparaíso conurbation, erected on an often misty, tree-covered side road.

Tunquen Wooden Retreat 1

Mirroring Corbusier’s cabanon style, this forest hut has been conceived as a haven for routine, a hideaway place to get in contact with nature.

Tunquen Wooden Retreat 2

We sought to play with the hut’s iconic image by making it resemble a child’s drawing of a house, creating thus a formal tension between the object and its representation.

Tunquen Wooden Retreat 3

The overly large openings and the oak waste revetment assert this double interpretation, both ironic and pop.

Architects: DX Arquitectos
Project: Tunquen Wooden Retreat
Location: Tunquen, Valparaíso, Chile
Area: 1,421 ft²/ 132 sqm
Photo courtesy: Pablo Blanco Barros

Tunquen Wooden Retreat 4

Tunquen Wooden Retreat 5

Tunquen Wooden Retreat 6

Tunquen Wooden Retreat 7

Tunquen Wooden Retreat 8

Tunquen Wooden Retreat 9

Tunquen Wooden Retreat 10

Tunquen Wooden Retreat 11

Tunquen Wooden Retreat 12

Tunquen Wooden Retreat 13

Tunquen Wooden Retreat 14

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