Residential ArchitectureApartmentsTwo-Level Apartments Near Kiev by Martin Architects

Two-Level Apartments Near Kiev by Martin Architects

Two-Level Apartments near Kiev by Martin Architects

Architects: Martin Architects
Project: Two-Level Apartments / Cloud
Location: Kiev, Ukraine
Area: 65 sqm
Photography: Alexander Kondrianenko

The project was created and implemented in 2016. Two-level apartments are located in LCD “White Chocolate” and represent an open space of 65 sqm. The apartment is designed for young, active people who will appreciate the non-standard solutions realized in small apartments.

Two-Level Apartments near Kiev by Martin Architects 1

Customers – the developer – set us an unusual task. The apartment of the economy segment should become a show-room in LCD “White Chocolate” and demonstrate the possibilities of furnishing and furnishing an interior of an unconventional format, namely the attic floor with an atrium of 5.5 sq.m.

Two-Level Apartments near Kiev by Martin Architects 2

The first level is an open space kitchen and living room, which is decorated in natural colors. Despite the restrained color, the room looks interesting due to the rich and diverse texture of the materials: wooden parquet, tile imitating a stone masonry, and contrasting with them the matte surface of furniture.

Two-Level Apartments near Kiev by Martin Architects 3

The main feature of the first level is a tall and bright atrium, which visually turns a small square into a spacious modern apartment. Even in the design of the stairs, they tried to avoid clear partitions, preferring glass handrails.

Two-Level Apartments near Kiev by Martin Architects 4

Following this concept, we used in the decoration of affordable materials and furniture of inexpensive Ukrainian manufacturers. Despite the small area of the apartment, it was possible to place a comfortable double bed and storage cabinets on the first and second levels. On the second floor there was a place for the cabinet area with a large wooden table and two workplaces, above which there is a wall image of the world map – a minimalistic detail decorating the interior while preserving the working atmosphere.

Two-Level Apartments near Kiev by Martin Architects 5

Open-space implies the absence of massive partitions and dividing the area into residential areas. To avoid complete openness where it is needed – in the bedroom – it was decided to separate this place with a dark curtain from the atrium, thereby creating a cozy and protected space inside.

Two-Level Apartments near Kiev by Martin Architects 6

Due to the fact that the interior is decorated in a minimalist manner, there is no variety of decorative elements. As features of design laconicism, an unusual lay-out and furniture, “glorifying” beauty of geometrical forms acts. The only element that directly carries a decorative function is paintings of contemporary Ukrainian artists who organically reflect the overall concept.

Two-Level Apartments near Kiev by Martin Architects 7

Two-Level Apartments near Kiev by Martin Architects 8

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