Wildwood Kitchen Liverpool / Design Command

Wildwood Kitchen Liverpool

Wildwood Kitchen, a trendy bar and restaurant is located in the old entrance to the Clayton Square Shopping Centre, situated minutes away from Liverpool Lime Street Station. The restaurant was designed by Design Command, a London-based Interior Architecture Studio founded in 2013 by Clare McDonald.

This former shopping centre’s entrance, houses a 16m high, domed glass atrium space, where a collection of bulbs cascade down creating a feeling of a starry night. To emulate Liverpool’s cultural and stylish scene, the customer is firstly greeted by a stylish central bar which leads to the more urban dining space, underneath the atrium. There are numerous dining areas surrounding the atrium, allowing you to enjoy a different culinary environment with every visit.

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There is a delightful deli with a separate entrance which houses an eclectic mix of Wildwood’s own goodies and treats, along with fresh salads served daily. This mix between fresh, hip and sophisticated only adds to Liverpool’s already dynamic city. Wildwood Kitchen is perfect for every type of function from lunch to dinner or simply just for a few drinks. This vibrant space welcomes all.

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