Welcoming Family Retreat with Wooden Textures and Green Shades

Wooden Textures and Green Shades / Alexander Tischler

Project Name: Wooden Textures and Green Shades
Interior Design: Alexander Tischler
Team: Karen Karapetian, Chief Designer; Konstantin Prokhorov, Engineer; Ekaterina Baibakova, Head of Purchasing; Evgenii Bridnya, Installation Manager; Iuliia Tsapko, Designer; Oleg Mokrushnikov, Engineer; Karen Nikoian, Finishing Manager; Kira Prokhorova, Stylist
Location: Moscow, Russia
Size: 170 sq. m
Completion year: 2023
Photo Credits: Evgenii Kulibaba

We designed this cozy family retreat for a couple whose children and grandchildren live abroad and love to visit. The clients desired a warm, inviting interior with wooden textures and green shades.

Creating a Welcoming Space

To design a space where the family could comfortably spend quality time together, we united the initially separate kitchen and living room, creating a large, bright 55.5 sq. m area. This space is connected by a corridor leading from the hallway to the bedroom.

Functional Hallway Design

In the hallway, we placed a console with a drawer for small items, a floor-to-ceiling mirror with backlighting, and a small pouf. Additionally, we included a wardrobe in the corridor. The hallway is visually highlighted by porcelain tiles on the floor and walls.

Guest Bathroom Enhancements

The hallway leads to a guest bathroom, which we enlarged by utilizing a small corridor that originally led to the kitchen. This allowed us to add a shower to the guest bathroom. The space features a mix of porcelain tiles with wooden textures and dark stone-like Italon porcelain tiles. We also installed a tank water heater and a collector unit in a niche under the wall-hung toilet system.

Harmonious Kitchen and Living Room

We assembled graded wall panels continuing into the column cabinets between the hallway and kitchen. Natural light and vertical backlighting reveal the texture of oak veneer. The united kitchen and living room include a kitchen island, dining table, and two comfortable sofas. Since the clients are music lovers, we focused on acoustics, installing an R9 audio system with built-in ceiling speakers and a laser-beam projector with a screen instead of a TV.

Stylish Kitchen Design

The kitchen features a large corner setup made of dark veneer. We designed a special niche with backlighting in the column cabinets for easy access to frequently used appliances. Moreover, a dish warmer is built-in under the microwave. The kitchen does not have upper cabinets, with porcelain tiles lining the wall above the bottom units, broken into different-sized fragments. We set the hob with a built-in extractor to maintain a clean panel look. For lighting, we chose a Vibia round pendant lamp and a minimalist CVL lamp for the dining area and kitchen island.

Innovative Kitchen Island

The kitchen island includes a niche for feet on the dining table side, drawers, and a wine cabinet on the kitchen side. The top and sidewalls of the island are made of quartz stone, with electrical outlets thoughtfully placed on the island’s top and sidewall.

Seamless Bedroom Integration

A hidden oak-veneered door in the living room leads to a bedroom designed for visiting children. The bedroom features a deep green wall finish and a bright armchair beside the vanity table. A large wardrobe with shaded glass facades, backlit shelves, and hanging bedside cabinets with built-in wireless chargers complete the room.

Multifunctional Balcony and Bathroom

On the balcony, oak-veneered wall panels provide a cohesive look with the rest of the interior. We furnished it with two armchairs and a Bonaldo metal coffee table, creating a leisure zone for guests. The initial 10 sq. m bathroom was divided into a 7.3 sq. m bathroom and a laundry room. The bathroom includes a free-standing bathtub, a shower cabin, and a niche lined with black artificial stone. The laundry room contains a washing machine, dryer, drying cabinet, and storage for household items.

Master Bedroom and Walk-In Closet

The clients’ master bedroom features a calm color palette with strong textures, including ash-veneered wall panels and porcelain stoneware with a stone texture. A vivid green armchair and a Kartell coffee table add a pop of color. The walk-in closet, separating the master bedroom from the rest of the apartment, includes open modules, glass facades with backlighting, a styler, and a vanity table. Each shelf has backlighting, creating a prima ballerina dressing room feel.

Versatile Home Office and Guest Room

This room serves as a home office and a bedroom for visiting grandchildren. A Clei transformable sofa becomes two separate beds, and a long hanging table with drawers provides workspace and storage. Cabinets for documents and the grandchildren’s clothes complete the room.

This cozy family retreat, characterized by wooden textures and green shades, is always ready to welcome beloved guests while remaining comfortable for its main inhabitants, our clients.

Wooden Textures and Green Shades / Alexander Tischler

living room

living area

dining room





Wooden Textures and Green Shades / Alexander Tischler

Wooden Textures and Green Shades / Alexander Tischler

Wooden Textures and Green Shades / Alexander Tischler

Wooden Textures and Green Shades / Alexander Tischler

Wooden Textures and Green Shades / Alexander Tischler


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