Alves da Veiga Project / Pedro Ferreira Architeture Studio

Alves da Veiga Project 1

The Alves da Veiga project aimed to reconvert an old typography built in the nineteenth century and abandoned for decades in a set of six apartments, maintaining all the structure and spatial concept of preexistence. The original building, though appearing from the outside only two storeys in fact contained a curious floor + mezzanine organization that actually embodied four habitable floors.

Alves da Veiga Project 1

Despite the advanced state of degradation, the industrial austerity that we encountered during the first visits served as a starting point for the definition of the proposal.

Alves da Veiga Project 2

A simple and strict organization where the spaces are strongly illuminated and marked by the double height of the right feet.

Alves da Veiga Project 3

The result is six duplex apartments , where the white walls and ceilings contrasts with the cold concrete in groundfloor and heat of the pine on the upper floors.

Alves da Veiga Project 4

The staircaise, organizer element of the set is punctuated by a skylight that rescues the light into the building.

Architect: Pedro Ferreira Architeture Studio
Project: Alves da Veiga / XIX Century house remodeling
Styling: Rute Moreda
Engineering: ASL&Associados, Lda
Construction: HomeReab, Lda
Location: Porto, Portugal
Photography: João Morgado

Alves da Veiga Project 5

Alves da Veiga Project 6

Alves da Veiga Project 7

Alves da Veiga Project 8

Alves da Veiga Project 9

Alves da Veiga Project 9

Alves da Veiga Project 10

Alves da Veiga Project 11

Alves da Veiga Project 12

Alves da Veiga Project 13

Alves da Veiga Project 14

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