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3 Stories Apartment, Budapest / Gaspar Bonta

3 Stories Apartment

3 Stories is an apartment converted from a most unusual structure to a contemporary living space. 3 Stories apartment was designed by Gaspar Bonta, a multidisciplinary art, design and architecture studio, based in Budapest, Hungary.

‘I highly doubt, that this apartment can be turned into a decent home’ – said a close relative of the owner, seconds after we first saw this place. I couldn’t have agreed more. I loved it. Luckily, the owner – a great innovator, a friend and a fellow dino enthusiast – and I were on the same page about the outcome. This was one of the most complicated structures, I have ever seen, covered by numerous layers of human history and unwanted building materials. We had to take the long road and uncover this beauty and turn it to a contemporary home.

3 Stories Apartment 1

Having three stories with one entrance simplifies the question of public and private spaces, naturally the first story became the public zone with the entrance-lobby-kitchen-dining room combo. Since one of the main attractions of the apartment is the incredible roof terrace, located on the third story, we had to connect this to the public zone, while creating a nice quiet private part, a bedroom with its on terrace and a bathroom on the second story. So we went on and created a nice cozy living room underneath the beautiful roof structure, connected with two staircases. This way we have a perfectly fluent connection between all the spaces.

3 Stories Apartment 2

Choosing materials here was really easy, since we had beautiful wooden surfaces, and brick. Adding concrete and iron to the mix was an obvious selection, creating a contrast between the surfaces to highlight the beautiful details was the trick. What amazed me was how the personal belongings of the owner made these spaces complete, fitting perfectly to the concept. I believe this is how a project like this should end – with everything in its right place.

Designer: Gaspar Bonta Studio
Project: 3 Stories Apartment
Lead designer: Gaspar Bonta
Assistant designer: Orsolya Lőrincz
Location: Budapest, Hungary
Area: 128 sqm
Photography: Bálint Jaksa

3 Stories Apartment 3

3 Stories Apartment 4

3 Stories Apartment 5

3 Stories Apartment 17

3 Stories Apartment 6

3 Stories Apartment 15

3 Stories Apartment 16

3 Stories Apartment 7

3 Stories Apartment 8

3 Stories Apartment 9

3 Stories Apartment 10

3 Stories Apartment 11

3 Stories Apartment 12

3 Stories Apartment 13

3 Stories Apartment 14

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