Apartment for Young Moscow Oil Trader and His Girlfriend

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Apartment for Young Moscow Oil Trader and His Girlfriend

Project: Apartment for young Moscow oil trader
Architect: Maksim Novinkov
Location: Moscow, Russia
Photo Credits: Kristina Nikishina

This is the apartment for young Moscow oil trader and his girlfriend. They lead very active lifestyle: hard-working days and groovy nights.

Apartment for Young Moscow Oil Trader and His Girlfriend

The task was “bright, modern, but relaxing design”. There was no need in big kitchen or long table for a large number of guests. The owners have only light breakfast at home.

Apartment for Young Moscow Oil Trader and His Girlfriend

The kitchen with the high table is designed in deep brown and contrasting white and red colors. It’s included to the living room area where the red color is repeated in barstools, bright fridge, brutal steel and skin armchair. Walls are colored in very light cold grey. This is universal color: it doesn’t look dirty in twilight time and it’s an ideal base for more bright accents. Even shades of blue on the modern art look more interesting in front of it. The lights have two purposes. Main light is very practical, but intimate light is submitted by designer chandelier and backlight.

Apartment for Young Moscow Oil Trader and His Girlfriend

The bedroom is designed with the same philosophy. Fabriс panels behind the bed are bright, but cozy the same time. The bed has invisible props, so it looks flying. The lights are dissymmetrical and stylish.

bedroom, architect Maksim Novinkov

There is a barrel, gift from architects, in the hallway, as a funny reminder of owner’s occupation. But it has the function also: you can sit on the barrel when taking on the shoes.

home office, architect Maksim Novinkov

Apartment for Young Moscow Oil Trader and His Girlfriend

bathroom, architect Maksim Novinkov

Apartment for Young Moscow Oil Trader and His Girlfriend

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