Residential ArchitectureRenovation ProjectsCarter House - Contemporary Two Storey Extension to a Victorian House

Carter House – Contemporary Two Storey Extension to a Victorian House

Carter House - Contemporary Two Storey Extension to a Victorian House

Project: Carter House
Architects: Adam Knibb Architects
Contractor: Wightley Construction Ltd
Structural engineer: Marbas Engineers
Location: Winchester City, United Kingdom
Text an photos courtesy of Adam Knibb Architects

The proposal, located within the Winchester City Conservation area, comprises of a full width ground floor extension, extending 1500mm out from the existing rear extension footprint. The proposal is to utilise the ground floor extension to create a large open plan living area with a contemporary woodburner, playroom and kitchen area. Internally the reconfiguration will allow space to create a new utility room with direct access from the living / dining area and a new WC towards the front of the house. Glass sliding doors have been introduced to open up the space and merge the indoors with the outdoors whilst large skylights allow natural light to be brought into the open plan area.

Carter House - Contemporary Two Storey Extension to a Victorian House

At first floor, the single simple box extension provides a contemporary architecture that is of this time. Sitting lower than the neighbouring rear extensions (thanks to the flat roof), the impact of this element is reduced considerably with a timber cladded facade, creating a timeless exterior. This contemporary timber box allows for the creation of an additional bedroom and reconfiguration of the bathroom. To the second floor there will not be any external modifications however a new staircase will be installed to allow access to the loft area creating the 6th bedroom of the Carter house.

living room, Adam Knibb Architects

Timber cladding is left to silver naturally creating a less austere façade than its white rendered neighbour. The natural product is also beneficial in low maintenance compared to the continual upkeep of the neighbouring property. The vertical rhythm of the cladding also helps our design dialogue which links back to the surroundings, with this vertical element mimicking the vertical nature of the trees.

interior design, Adam Knibb Architects

A sedum roof is used to soften the exterior and provide a continuation of the garden from first floor window outlooks.

Carter House - Contemporary Two Storey Extension to a Victorian House

bathroom, Adam Knibb Architects

kids room, Adam Knibb Architects

Contemporary Two Storey Extension to a Victorian House

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