Arbalete Residence: Small Wooden House Transformed into a Contemporary Home

Arbalete Residence

Arbalete Residence is a old family home recently transformed into a spacious contemporary residence by the Montreal based multidisciplinary design agency, Appareil Architecture. The building was originally a small wooden house built in 1922 and has undergone several transformations and expansions over the years.

From the architect: New design and layout of a house located in the Laurentians, with the goal of creating a more cohesive whole that echoes both the environment and the client’s needs. Elements of the pre-existing house were preserved, such as the old wood beams, creating an interesting contrast with the new contemporary look of the space. A large extension now serves as a link between the house and the surrounding nature.

Architects: APPAREIL architecture
Project: Arbalete Residence
Project Team: Kim Pariseau, Mariane Gourdeau, Francois Bodlet
Contractor: Marcel-Luc Verdon
Location: Laurentians, Quebec, Canada
Landscape design: Fanie Quenneville
Photography: Mathieu Laverdière

Arbalete Residence 1

Arbalete Residence 2

Arbalete Residence 2

Arbalete Residence 3

Arbalete Residence 4

Arbalete Residence 5

Arbalete Residence 6

Arbalete Residence 7

Arbalete Residence 8

Arbalete Residence 9

Arbalete Residence 11

Arbalete Residence 12

Arbalete Residence 13

Arbalete Residence 14

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