Residential ArchitectureHousesArt House by Buttrick Projects Architecture+Design

Art House by Buttrick Projects Architecture+Design

Art House by Buttrick Projects Architecture+Design

Project: Art House
Architects: Buttrick Projects Architecture+Design
Structural Engineering: Structus Inc.
Geotechnical: Murray Engineers Inc.
Landscape: Stroudwater Design
Lighting: PritchardPeck Lighting
Interiors: Buttrick Projects A+D
Contractor: Sherrill Construction
Location: Palo Alto, California
Year: 2021
Text by Buttrick Projects Architecture+Design

The Art House project includes the addition of three small structures on two adjacent parcels, retaining the original 1920s home where the owners raised their four children, while more than doubling their living space. The new buildings accommodate a growing art collection, a playroom, and an informal workspace, and create a private courtyard where the family can gather.

Art House by Buttrick Projects Architecture+Design

floor plan

The project uses new construction techniques while preserving the neighborhood’s character. Expansive UV-filtering glass openings maximize natural light for the art, and a perforated corrugated zinc scrim at the second level softens the daylight, producing a dappled effect. Large sliding glass doors disappear into wall pockets, dissolving the edge between the exterior yard and interior spaces.

Art House by Buttrick Projects Architecture+Design

Cool Screen Envelope
Rainscreen Wall with Low Maintenance Exterior Cladding
Cool Roof
Heat Recovery Ventilation
Dense Pack Cellulose Insulation
LED Lighting

Anodized Aluminum Windows and Doors by Fleetwood
Corrugated Zinc Panels by VM Zinc
Cementitious Siding Panels by Swiss Pearl
Limestone Floors and Walls by ASN
Wood Floors by First Last and Always
Cabinets by Eby Cabinets
Board Formed Concrete Walls by Bill Brown Concrete
Wood Island Top by Arborica
Kitchen Tile by Heath

dining area, Buttrick Projects Architecture+Design

kitchen, Buttrick Projects Architecture+Design

hall, Buttrick Projects Architecture+Design

bedroom, Buttrick Projects Architecture+Design

Art House by Buttrick Projects Architecture+Design

outdoors, Buttrick Projects Architecture+Design

Art House by Buttrick Projects Architecture+Design

Art House by Buttrick Projects Architecture+Design

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